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Which accounting course is helpful best to find a job in the UK

Which accounting course is helpful best to find a job in the UK

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In today’s ever-changing financial and business landscape, accounting is a vital part of the day-to-day operations of businesses and organisations. Taking an accounting course is an excellent career option, especially in the UK, renowned for its strong financial sector and worldwide business opportunities. However, with so many accounting courses on the market today, finding the right one for you can be difficult. A person who is naturally good with numbers with an eye for looking at details thoroughly can be a good accountant; however, knowing which degree to get into the industry is often confusing. Here we will elaborate on the factors you should consider and recommend the top accounting course in the UK.


Accreditation and Industry Recognition

When selecting an accounting course, it is essential to consider whether a recognised professional body, such as ACCA,CCA, CIMA, or ICAEW, accredits it. A course like ACCA can get you a job in here because ACCA is one of the UK’s most recognised and respected qualifications. As it’s one of the most sought-after qualifications by employers; therefore, it can improve your chance of getting a job. If you are looking for a managerial accounting role, CIMA is your go-to go course. With ICAEW 

 course can open doors to various career opportunities, including auditing, financial management, and consultancy. First, you need to choose which sector you want to go for, then look for industry recognition  Because accredited courses guarantee a high level of education and are exempt from specific professional exams, increasing your employability.

Certified Credit Accountant

The main focus of the CCA qualification is on credit management. This is an area of great importance in the world of finance and accounting. With the CCA qualification, you can demonstrate your credit assessment, credit control, debt management, and risk mitigation skills. This specialisation can be beneficial for jobs that require a good knowledge of credit management across the UK.By pursuing the CCA qualification,

you’ll be able to network with experts and colleagues in the credit management industry. Connecting at industry events, associations or online communities can improve your job prospects by offering referral opportunities and staying up-to-date on industry news.

AAT Level 4 Professional Diploma in Accounting

AAT Level 4 is a recognised industry-recognised qualification offering a comprehensive grounding in Accounting Principles, Financial Management, and Business Ethics. The course is designed for those who are just starting out in accounting and want to develop practical knowledge and gain hands-on experience. This qualification can be a springboard to more advanced qualifications or a direct route to entry-level accounting roles.AAT Level 4 is designed to cover a wide range of topics in accounting, from financial statements and budgeting to taxation and management accounting, demonstrating your proficiency and knowledge in these areas, making you an ideal candidate for accounting roles across the UK. When you apply for accounting jobs across the UK, you’ll likely be shortlisted for several positions, so it’s essential to ensure you have the right qualifications to prove your worth. Whether you’re applying for an entry-level accounting position, you’ll want to ensure you’re well-versed in the skills needed to succeed. If you’re not a Level 4 candidate, you can still gain practical experience by applying for internships and work placements or taking an entry-level position in accounting.

  Practical Experience

Accounting courses enable students to understand accounting concepts and principles through practical experience comprehensively. Practical experience serves as a bridge between theoretical and practical, allowing students to gain an understanding of accounting principles in the context of real-world business operations. Students gain foundational accounting skills through hands-on learning such as financial analysis, accounting bookkeeping, data science, budgeting, communications, and problem-solving. Several courses offer you practical experience, for example AAT. This AAT qualification provides practical training in accounting, bookkeeping, finance management, taxation and budgeting, and is recognised by many employers across the

UK.Through hands-on exercises and simulations, students are taught how to utilise the popular accounting software platforms QuickBooks and Xero in these courses, allowing you to navigate and carry out various accounting activities in a real-world setting.


Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

Management accounting, strategic management and financial reporting. CIMA’s management accounting course is highly sought by employers looking for candidates with analytical and strategic skills.CIMA qualifications can be used to fill a variety of roles, such as Financial manager, Management accountant, Financial analyst Business consultant CIMA qualifications are highly sought after by many UK employers, particularly in finance and accounting positions.

Taxation Course

A taxation course provides an in-depth understanding of UK tax legislation, rules and procedures. This in-depth expertise is highly sought after by employers seeking professionals who can effectively navigate the UK tax landscape.

Tax planning is an integral part of business life, and businesses often need experts who can streamline tax plans while staying compliant. Taking a tax course teaches you how to provide tax planning tips and advice, making you an invaluable resource to employers. The UK’s tax system is complex, and companies of all sizes need experts to manage their tax matters effectively. A taxation course shows you’re passionate about the subject and increases your employability because there’s a market for tax professionals.

Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) Level 2 Foundation Certificate

If you do not have any prior experience in accounting but want to start a career in accounting this course is for you.

The AAT level 2 foundation certificate is a basic qualification that covers accounting basics. The course covers the following: 1. Basic Accounting Concepts 2. Double-entry Bookkeeping 3. Basic Cost Accounting 4. Computerized Accounting This course is suitable for those who do not have prior accounting experience and want to start a bookkeeping career or gain a good foundation before moving on to higher-level qualifications.


Sage 50 Accounting

Sage 50 accounting is one of the most popular accounting software used in the UK. Taking a Sage 50 Accounting course can improve your employability as it gives you hands-on experience using Sage 50 accounting software for accounting, bookkeeping, invoice management, payroll, financial reporting, etc. A good understanding of Sage 50 accounting can make you a desirable candidate for SMEs relying on Sage 50 accounting software.

Xero and Quickbook Course

Xero is one of the UK’s most widely used cloud accounting software, alongside QuickBooks. You’ll learn how to use the software in real-world situations by taking courses on Xero or QuickBooks. You’ll be able to manage accounts, process transactions, generate reports, and much more. Being able to use these software programs in real-life situations is highly sought after by employers.With Xero and QuickBooks being two of the most popular accounting platforms in the UK, it’s no surprise that many businesses rely on them for accounting. Using these platforms

shows that you’re flexible and up-to-date with the local market, boosting your chances of landing a job.

Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy

CIPFA is an accounting professional organisation specialising in public finance and public finance governance. Having a CIPFA qualification, such as CPFA, can significantly improve your chances of getting a job in the UK. This is especially true in the public service, government organisations, and the non-profit sector. CIPFA’s qualification is highly sought after and recognised within these sectors. It gives you specialised knowledge and skills to meet the specific needs of public finance/accountancy roles. Employers in these industries often look for candidates with CIPFA qualifications as it shows they have a good understanding of public sector finance management and governance.


Practical accounting training course

Practical accounting training courses are designed to help you develop specific skills that employers are looking for. Practical accounting training courses offer hands-on training to help you develop bookkeeping skills, financial analysis skills, tax preparation skills, and accounting software skills. These skills make you a more appealing candidate to potential employers.


Qualifications AAT ACCA CIMA ACA CIPFA Software Apps QuickBooks Xero Payroll courses Taxation courses These qualifications and courses give you specific knowledge, practical experience, and industry recognised certifications that employers value highly. These certifications demonstrate your ability in accounting, finance management, tax, bookkeeping and payroll processing skills. This combination of theory, practical application and software skills prepares you for accounting roles across different industries in the UK, making you well-equipped to meet the needs of the UK labour market.


Yes, if you enrol onto one of our Xero training courses then Xero advisor certificate is free.

If you are a Xero Certified advisor you can expect a higher salary package then others. Generally a Xero certified advisor earns almost 25% higher than accountants/bookkeepers. A Xero Certified Advisor earns almost £40,000 in a year (glassdoor).

At Tax Care Academy we offer free Xero Certified Advisory course. You just need to enrol onto one of our courses then you will get access to our courses for free.

We do not offer any free Xero training courses. However, if you contact us then one of our course advisors will help you. 

If you are an university student, the Xero course is one of the essential training programmes that you need to attend to bridge your skill gaps. It will help you to relate accounting theories to accounting software and apply relevant knowledge to with practical accounting scenarios. Xero training programmes will help you to stand out in this competitive job market.

Yes, if you are an AAT student Xero course will help you to stand out from others. Although, you probably know how to use Sage, however, Xero/QuickBooks are simple and user friendly for the businesses. Xero course will open up more opportunities for you.

If you are ACCA student then we recommend attending Xero training courses. ACCA qualification is one of the best and most demanding qualifications in the world. However, one of the major problems with ACCA qualification is the lack of practical approach. Xero courses are designed based on a lotpractical business scenarios. You can apply your key ACCA knowledge onto practice by attending Xero courses.

Xero is onIf you are ACCA student then we recommend attending Xero training courses. ACCA qualification is one of the best and most demanding qualifications in the world. However, one of the major problems with ACCA qualification is the lack of practical approach. Xero courses are designed based on a lotpractical business scenarios. You can apply your key ACCA knowledge onto practice by attending Xero courses. e of the fastest growing accounting software in the world. There are a lot of accountants who are looking for a job. However, there are very few accountants who have good skills on Xero. 

Yes, you can claim your CPD if you have never used Xero before. We can provide you CPD verifiable points. 

Why Tax Care Academy

Our Approach

Easy, simple and practical learning

Accessible from anywhere, from any device

Affordable online learning courses

Real-life and job scenario-based learning

Fully flexible structure

Experienced and qualified trainers

Career support and placement

Tax Care Academy guarantee

  • 100% utilisation of your time and money
  • Money back guarantee
  • Industry expert trainers

Three simple steps towards success

Step 1: Training

Step 2: Certification

Step 3: Explore your professional career with a well-paid job or set up your own business

Our Mission is to Upskill Our Accountants

According to ONS, 1 in every 3 accounting graduates in the UK are ‘overqualified’ for their current job. This means we are not utilising 33% of our talents properly, resulting in a mismatch in human resource allocation and productivity. In the accounting job market, there is a skill gap between an employer’s expectation and an employee’s capability. Our goal is to bridge this skill gap by offering industry-leading accounting training programmes. Employers are willing to pay a commission to a recruitment agency to find the right candidate (normally 10%-20% of the annual salary of the candidate). However, there are thousands of qualified accountants who are desperate to get a job, but they cannot meet employer expectations. Tax Care Academy are helping accountants to break down barriers in the traditional job market, and upskilling accountants worldwide.

Why Tax Care Academy?

Why Tax Care Academy?
  • Tax Care is a specialist training provider in accounting and payroll training courses.
  • All accounting and payroll courses are designed and developed by industry expert accountants.
  • Personal tutor support throughout your course.
  • After training support available to ensure you are not on your own.
  • We engage our students with a range of forward-thinking teaching and assessment methods.
  • We make sure our students are not alone throughout their accounting learning journey and we ensure the highest level of engagement with our students.
  • A technology driven accounting learning centre that focuses on the key accounting skills that add more value to businesses.
  • Online Enhanced Learning Resource with extra lessons and tests.
  • 24/7 assignment marking with instant results and feedback.

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