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Xero Accounting Professional level 3


Become a Xero pro with our Level 3 course in the UK. Perfect for professionals, learn advanced features like in-depth analysis, budgeting, and multi-currency transactions. Achieve Xero certification and become one of the Xero-certified advisors. Our Xero training offers flexible online learning, allowing you to master Xero’s accounting software at your own pace. Enrol today and optimise your accounting skills with Xero’s professional accounting tools!


Ready to become a Xero pro? Our Xero Accounting Professional Level 3 course at TaxCare Academy is designed for those who want to master Xero’s most advanced features and functionalities.

Perfect for professionals looking to optimise their accounting processes, this route will equip you with the skills to handle even the maximum complex financial responsibilities.

Our skilled teachers will manual you through the intricacies of Xero, making sure you benefit from a deep know-how and the capability to leverage the Xero software to its full capacity.

​ In this course, you’ll learn to:

  • Conduct in-depth financial analysis
  • Implement advanced budgeting and forecasting techniques
  • Manage multi-currency transactions
  • Customise and automate detailed financial reports
  • Integrate Xero with other business tools for seamless operations

This course is highly interactive, with plenty of practical exercises that allow you to apply your new skills in real-world scenarios. Plus, our supportive network and informed instructors are usually handy in replying to your questions and offering expert advice.

Join us at TaxCare Academy and take your accounting expertise to the highest level with our Xero Accounting course. Sign up today and become a Xero professional!

Course Content


➦ Introduction to the course.

➦ Introduction to Xero and how to sign up for free

Customisation and Implementation

➦ Set up a Xero accounting system

➦ Advanced Chart of Accounts implementation on Xero

➦ Generate and use source documents.

➦ Advanced Xero customisation on Xero

Banking and Control

➦ Advance bank reconciliations

➦ Banks rules and automation

Processing with Xero

➦ Enter business transactions using Xero

➦ Prepare and post complex journal entries

➦ Account for a stock valuation on Xero

➦ Account for fixed assets on Xero

➦ Xero prepayments and accruals

➦ Account for bad and doubtful debts

➦ Xero Credit Management

➦ Make end of period adjustments

➦Amend the chart of accounts and generate reports


➦ Generate various monthly management report using.

➦ Generate profit and loss report using Xero.

➦Generate balance sheet and inventory reports.



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