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Our Approach

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Three simple steps towards the success

Tax Care Academy is one of the leading online accountancy course providers in UK.

Our ultimate goal is to bridge the skill gap in accounting job market. According to ONS, one in every 3 accounting graduates in UK ‘overqualified’ for their current job. It means we are not utilising our talents properly it resulting a mis-match in human resource allocation and their productivity.

When it comes to job market there is a huge gap between employer expectation and employee’s capacity to meet this expectation.

Employers are willing to pay a big amount pf commission (10%-20% of the annual salary) to the recruitment agency to find the right candidates. Whereas on the other side there are thousands of qualified accountants are desperate to get a job but they cannot meet employer expectation.

Years Of Distance Learning Excellence

Since 1996, Training Link has become one of the leading distance learning course providers for Bookkeeping and Accounts in the UK.

We wanted to tackle a very clear problem in the distance learning sector. The standard of materials on offer from many providers were simply not effective for learning outside the classroom.

A skill driven accountancy training programme that focus on the result and improved productivity.

TaxCare Academy is a leading internationally recognised online learning centre for bookkeepers and accountants. We are focusing on delivering the key accounting skill training that improves the productivity and simplicity of accounting and finance.

We set out to analyse in detail- how can we maximise your chances of success? How can you become a qualified bookkeeper by studying from home, in your spare time?

By specialising in one subject area, we’ve been able to focus on the accounting and bookkeeping learning experience.

We know that your road to success starts with the right study material. And that’s why we put so much effort into creating course packs of the highest calibre. So that’s why our carefully crafted course books are constantly reviewed. Our experienced tutors scrutinise each unit, example, and exercise with one question in mind- how can we make this even better?

The more feedback we get, the more we subtly improve the high standards of our learning material. And that means even more Training Link students successfully passing their ICB or AAT exams. And of course, more students going on to successfully work as a bookkeeper or starting their own practice (read about some of our successful former students).

Bespoke Materials & Support Designed For Student Success

We offer study materials, lessons, activities, resources and support procedures that are more effective than any other distance learning provider.

We have an unrivalled track record in helping students achieve their objectives quickly and smoothly, with a ratio of more students completing exams and achieving their objectives each year than any other college or training provider.

Skilled Expert Staff Ready To Help You Achieve Your Goals

Every member of staff from course advisers to tutors are highly qualified specialists having vast knowledge and experience.

Add to this an outstanding record in helping students achieve their goals, Training Link are 100% geared to the success of its students.

Here are just a few reasons why studying with Training Link could prove the key into unlocking your full potential:

Why Tax Care Academy?

Feel free to read their student reviews, students’ success or drop them a message for any additional information.

Study With A Multi Award-Winning Training Provider

PQ Magazine Online College Of The Year 2019, AAT Best New Training Provider 2018, and ICB’s Large Training Provider Of The Year – for the last eight years in a row. And there’s more.

Read more about how Training Link have been regularly honoured with awards that recognise the standards of education that we provide.

One in every 3 accounting graduates in UK are overqualified for their job. It means those graduate accountants have overspent on their education or they did not receive what they paid for. There has been a mismatch between the demand from the employer and the graduates supplied by the university. A huge number of universities are failing to provide industry standard accounting education. Sometimes, it is always worth asking a question, do we really need to go to university and spend £27000 to learn accountancy? Should we spend £27000 on tuition fees to gain a business management degree  or should we spend £27000 to start up with a small business. 

Technology is breaking the professionalism 

People without any degree

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