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What Will I Learn?

  • Understand bookkeeping records
  • Build an Income Statement
  • Build a Balance Sheet
  • Understand the accounting equation and the principle of double entry
  • Tell the diffrence between debits and credits
  • Analyze a company's performance based on the figures in its annual report

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Material Includes

  • Describe accounting and its fundamental process
  • Name the main types of financial statements
  • Identify the main building blocks of a Balance Sheet and a Profit and Loss Statement
  • Define the accounting equation and its importance in the accounting framework
  • Discuss the conventions that are used in recording accounting data
  • Build a simple balance sheet and income statement using brief transaction data
  • Categorize each transaction in the correct accounting heads


  • No prior knowledge of accounting is assumed or needed
  • There is nothing to buy or pay for - everything is included for free
  • You'll need a notebook and a pen

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