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Complete QuickBooks Accounting Course (level 1-3)


What’s in it for you?

Unique practical business case studies and work-based scenarios

Personal Tutor Support

Online lectures design and delivered by a professional accountant.

Assignment marked by a QuickBooks Certified Advisor.

CPD verifiable certificate

Claim 18 CPD points

Access to QuickBooks software

Employer Reference Letter

100% applicable at workplace


Our Complete QuickBooks Accounting Course (Level 1-3) provides a comprehensive training program that progressively takes you from basic to advanced bookkeeping and accounting skills using QuickBooks.

Beginning with Level 1, you’ll learn to set up QuickBooks for your business, record transactions, reconcile accounts, and generate various reports, thereby gaining essential navigation and record management skills.

Moving on to Level 2, you’ll apply intermediate accounting theories to practice through real-life scenarios, which will enhance your ability to manage finances effectively and handle more complex tasks.

Finally, in Level 3, you’ll focus on advanced processing skills, enabling you to make accounting adjustments, prepare financial statements, and generate management reports. This course seamlessly bridges the gap between theory and real-life application, equipping you with the expertise to efficiently manage your business finances and fully utilise QuickBooks’ capabilities from basic setup to advanced features.

Quickbooks Training Course Content


➦ Introduction to QuickBooks and how to sign up for free

➦ Introduction to accounting and how to apply accounting knowledge and skill onto QuickBooks

Processing with QuickBooks

➦ Process of creating an invoices

Process of creating credit notes

Processing customer invoice payment

Processing supplier invoice payment

Process of creating bills

Process of returning bills

Process of creating Quotes


➦ Generate various monthly management report using

➦ Generate profit and loss report using QuickBooks

➦ Generate balance sheet and inventory reports

Customisation and Implementation

➦ QuickBooks basic settings and customisation

➦ Registering your company with QuickBooks

VAT settings and tax settings on QuickBooks

➦ Financial settings and user management

Adjust chart of accounts

Add customer and credit control

Add suppliers and supplier payment

Inventory settings

Banking and Control

➦ Bank reconciliation with QuickBooks

➦ Matching and identifying missing


➦ Introduction to QuickBooks and how to sign up for free

➦ Introduction to QuickBooks and how to sign up for free

Processing with QuickBooks

➦ Prepare and post journal entries on QuickBooks

➦ Making adjustments on QuickBooks

➦ Account for cash sales and sundry income on QuickBooks

➦ Process customer receipts and refunds on QuickBooks

➦ Process supplier payments and refunds on QuickBooks

➦ Process payments through the bank current account

➦ Process petty cash transactions on QuickBooks

Customisation and Implementation

➦ Set up a QuickBooks accounting system.

➦ Generate and use source documents.

➦ Chart of Accounts Setting and balance transfer using QuickBooks.

➦ How to customise QuickBooks effectively.

Banking and Control

➦ Advance bank reconciliations

➦ Banks rules and automation


➦ Generate various monthly management report using.

➦ Generate profit and loss report using QuickBooks

➦ Generate balance sheet and inventory reports


➦ Introduction to QuickBooks and how to sign up for free

➦ Introduction to QuickBooks and how to sign up for free

Processing with QuickBooks

➦ Enter business transactions using QuickBooks

➦ Prepare and post complex journal entries

➦ Account for a stock valuation on QuickBooks

➦ Account for fixed assets on QuickBooks

➦ QuickBooks prepayments and accruals

➦ Account for bad and doubtful debts

➦ QuickBooks Credit Management

➦Make end of period adjustments

➦Amend the chart of accounts and generate reports

Customisation and Implementation

➦ Set up a QuickBooks accounting system.

➦ Advanced Chart of Accounts implementation on QuickBooks

➦ Generate and use source documents

➦ Advanced customisation on QuickBooks

Banking and Control

➦ Advance bank reconciliations

➦ Banks rules and automation


➦ Generate various monthly management report using.

➦ Generate profit and loss report using QuickBooks

➦ Generate balance sheet and inventory reports

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for the QuickBooks Training Level 1. However, you should have some common computer literacy and numeric knowledge.

Course Duration

Up to 3 months but flexible

Study Hours

Approximately 15 hours including tuition hours.

Course Outcome

QuickBooks Beginner Certificate on completion of the training.


After the successful completion of QuickBooks Training Level 1, you can progress to the QuickBooks Training Advanced Level 2.

Assessment, Achievement & Grading

Methods of Assessment: 

The assessment techniques hired encompass both understanding-primarily based opinions and mission submissions. Throughout the course, you will undertake diverse know-how-based total exams, alongside a very last venture to be submitted upon path completion. Further tips can be furnished upon enrollment, making sure clarity and assist in the course of your learning adventure.

Achievement & Grading: 

Your competency will be assessed based on your performance in the assessments. Following successful completion of the exam, participants will receive a certificate. It’s important to note that there is no grading; evaluation is based solely on a Pass or Fail basis. The minimum qualification level for the three units is outlined below, ensuring transparency and fairness in the assessment process.

Assessment title Passing percentage
Knowledge Based Assessment

Assignment Based Assessment



After completing this training level successfully, you will receive a certificate. This certificate is highly valuable as it demonstrates your proficiency and effectiveness when using QuickBooks. It will officially recognise your accomplishments and include your complete name, title, and special qualification number.

What’s Included in the cost of the course

Comprehensive two Case Studies ​

Comprehensive two Case Studies

Access to a personal tutor support​

Dedicated student support

Free CV review and free job-hunting tips

Free CV review and free job-hunting tips

Comprehensive two Case Studies ​

High Quality Video tutorial

Assignment marking and feedback by a Xero Certified Advisor

Assignment marking and feedback by a QuickBooks Certified Advisor

Professional job reference

Professional job reference

Access to a personal tutor support​

Access to a personal tutor support

A recognised QuickBooks certificate on completion​

A recognised QuickBooks certificate on completion

Free career advice by an industry expert

Free career advice by an industry expert

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FAQs about Xero and QuickBooks Courses in UK | +440 (121) 368-1277

The QuickBooks training can work as a boon for Small Businesses, Accountants/bookkeepers, Finance Professionals, and anyone who wants to learn and get a good hand to establish their business financials through QuickBooks and gaining practical skills that are useful across industries.

Prior experience is optional for beginner-level courses. However, you will benefit from some basic accounting knowledge and experience with computers. Some more advanced courses might assume you already know some QuickBooks or have some prior accounting experience.

A QuickBooks course typically covers setting up the software, recording transactions, managing accounts payable and receivable, reconciling bank statements, generating financial reports, and more. Advanced courses may include topics such as complex journal entries, inventory management, and financial analysis.

Yes, members will get hold of certificates finishing touch upon successfully completing the direction, which may beautify their resume and exhibit their proficiency in QuickBooks.

While it is beneficial to have access to QuickBooks software for hands-on practice, many courses provide access to QuickBooks during the training sessions. Additionally, please check the course details for specific requirements.

Yes, when you have completed a fundamental QuickBooks course and are looking to in addition decorate your skills, you can enrol in a complicated QuickBooks direction. Moreover, those publications construct upon the foundational know-how obtained in simple courses and cover extra complex topics which include superior reporting, payroll processing, and stock management.

Advanced QuickBooks guides commonly cowl topics which include superior reporting and analysis, payroll processing, inventory control, customisation and automation, as well as integration with exclusive software programs.

Transitioning to a sophisticated QuickBooks course requires a strong understanding of simple principles. Additionally, you should feel confident for your ability to navigate the software program efficiently and manage common tasks like recording transactions and generating reviews. If you’re comfortable with these basics and keen to address more complicated topics inclusive of advanced reporting, payroll processing, and inventory management, then you definately’re in all likelihood ready to take the next step for your QuickBooks adventure.

Yes, you can extend your course by another 3 months with an extension fee.

This training programme is real-life job scenario-based training. We do not provide any paid/unpaid job placement. We can provide references to your employer upon request. We do not recommend our students to work for free if you are qualified with the right skills sets. You can contact our career support team to learn how to get into the job ladder.

There is no exam, you are required to submit an assignment using Xero. Your assignment will be marked by a certified advisor and provide you feedback.

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