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ACCA or CIMA which course is better?

ACCA or CIMA which course is better?

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Choosing the proper professional qualification for a career in accounting is essential for long-term success and career development. There are two leading accounting professional qualifications: the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, or ACCA, and the Chartered Institution of Management Accountants, or CIMA. We’ll examine key factors to help you choose the right ACCA or CIMA for your career. We’ll focus on the following: Curriculum Career focus, Global recognition, Industry relevance, Job prospects flexibility, Professional support, Membership benefits, and Professional Development Cost. We want to provide accurate information so you can choose the course that best fits your goals and aspirations.



Academy of Chartered Accountants (ACCA) The ACCA qualification covers various accounting skills, from financial accounting to management accounting and taxation. It also includes auditing and financial management skills. The CIMA curriculum focuses on development of management accounting skills, strategic planning skills, risk management skills, and business analysis. The CIMA curriculum emphasizes practical use of financial information to support the decision-making process within organisations.

Career Focus

Academy of Chartered Accountants (ACCA) Academy of Accountants (CIMA) If you want to work in accounting, accounting, auditing, taxation, finance reporting or general accounting, ACCA is the right qualification. It provides you with a solid foundation for your career in finance with an emphasis on technical accounting. The CIMA qualifications are designed for management accounting and finance management. The CIMA qualifications provide you with the skills you need to succeed as a management accountant or in a strategic financial role within an organization. As a management accountant, you’ll need to be able to budget, control costs, evaluate performance, implement strategies and conduct business analysis.


Global Recognition

 ACCA is a globally recognized accounting professional recognized by more than 180 accounting bodies and regulatory authorities worldwide. Additionally,ACCA offers professionals a globally transferable qualification, making it ideal for those looking for global opportunities. The CIMA is a global accounting professional recognized by over 180 accounting bodies and regulators worldwide. CIMA is well-known for management accounting and its strategic focus, especially in business and corporate.


  Industry Relevance

ACCA’s curriculum is flexible and applicable to industries and sub-sectors. It gives you a solid grounding in accounting concepts and practices relevant to organizations. CIMA’s curriculum caters to business and corporate needs. It focuses on strategic and managerial aspects of accounting and is highly relevant to manufacturing, service, technology, and consulting professionals.

Job Opportunities

ACCA’s global recognition and world-class curriculum means that ACCA graduates are highly sought after for various roles, including: Financial Accountants, Auditors, Tax Consultants, Financial Managers Financial Analysts.And with CIMA,it emphasis on Management Accounting and Strategic Financial Roles is well-suited to careers in Management Accounting, Financial Planning and Analysis, Business Analysis, and Strategic Management. CIMA Graduates are highly valued for their decision-making skills and organizational performance.


ACCA’s flexible study options allow you to study at your own pace and select from various learning pathways. It allows you to work and study simultaneously, making it ideal for those who want to develop their qualifications while gaining hands-on experience.

CIMA also provides flexible study options, such as part-time or online courses so that you can study and work simultaneously. With CIMA’s modular structure, you can progress at your own pace.

Professional Support

ACCA supports students and members through a global network of APL partners and professional development resources, including study materials, online fora, webinars and networking opportunities.CIMA also offers extensive support to students and members through its network of Approved Learning Partners (ALPs) and resources such as study materials, practice exams, and online communities. Additionally, CIMA provides access to a global network of professionals through its membership.

Membership Benefits

Once you’ve earned your ACCA degree, you’ll become an ACCA member and get access to all the perks that come with membership, like access to resources for professional growth, career coaching, networking opportunities, and a considerable network of accounting experts around the world.

Members of CIMA earn the CGMA designation and enjoy various membership perks, including continuing professional training (CPD), technical support, networking opportunities, and career development opportunities.



Professional Development

ACCA emphasises Continuous Professional Development (CPD), allowing members to stay updated on the latest industry news. ACCA provides a variety of CPD courses, including Seminars, Webinars, Conferences Technical articles. Continuous professional development supports your professional development throughout your career.

CIMA also emphasises continuous professional development (CPD) and offers a wide range of tools and resources for CIMA members to improve their knowledge and skills. To support continuous learning, CPD offeres include CIMA CPD Events, CIMA Online courses, CIMA Webinars, and CIMA Thought Leadership Articles.


Practical Experience

To be fully qualified, applicants for ACCA and CIMA must acquire pertinent practical experience. The practical experience requirement for ACCA is known as the “Practical Experience Requirement (PER),” but the one for CIMA is also called the “Practical Experience Requirement (PER).” Both institutes offer assistance and support to candidates to help them meet these standards.


The professional designations ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) and CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) are well-respected in accounting and finance. The optimal course to take will depend on your interests and professional aspirations. ACCA is suitable for those looking for a career in public accounting or international corporations because it provides a wider variety of accounting skills and is well-recognised. Conversely, CIMA is the best choice for

anyone interested in financial management positions within firms because it focuses on management accounting and strategic financial management. Ultimately, the best course depends on a person’s unique professional goals and the particular skills and information they want to gain.



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If you are ACCA student then we recommend attending Xero training courses. ACCA qualification is one of the best and most demanding qualifications in the world. However, one of the major problems with ACCA qualification is the lack of practical approach. Xero courses are designed based on a lotpractical business scenarios. You can apply your key ACCA knowledge onto practice by attending Xero courses.

Xero is onIf you are ACCA student then we recommend attending Xero training courses. ACCA qualification is one of the best and most demanding qualifications in the world. However, one of the major problems with ACCA qualification is the lack of practical approach. Xero courses are designed based on a lotpractical business scenarios. You can apply your key ACCA knowledge onto practice by attending Xero courses. e of the fastest growing accounting software in the world. There are a lot of accountants who are looking for a job. However, there are very few accountants who have good skills on Xero. 

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Why Tax Care Academy

Our Approach

Easy, simple and practical learning

Accessible from anywhere, from any device

Affordable online learning courses

Real-life and job scenario-based learning

Fully flexible structure

Experienced and qualified trainers

Career support and placement

Tax Care Academy guarantee

  • 100% utilisation of your time and money
  • Money back guarantee
  • Industry expert trainers

Three simple steps towards success

Step 1: Training

Step 2: Certification

Step 3: Explore your professional career with a well-paid job or set up your own business

Our Mission is to Upskill Our Accountants

According to ONS, 1 in every 3 accounting graduates in the UK are ‘overqualified’ for their current job. This means we are not utilising 33% of our talents properly, resulting in a mismatch in human resource allocation and productivity. In the accounting job market, there is a skill gap between an employer’s expectation and an employee’s capability. Our goal is to bridge this skill gap by offering industry-leading accounting training programmes. Employers are willing to pay a commission to a recruitment agency to find the right candidate (normally 10%-20% of the annual salary of the candidate). However, there are thousands of qualified accountants who are desperate to get a job, but they cannot meet employer expectations. Tax Care Academy are helping accountants to break down barriers in the traditional job market, and upskilling accountants worldwide.

Why Tax Care Academy?

Why Tax Care Academy?
  • Tax Care is a specialist training provider in accounting and payroll training courses.
  • All accounting and payroll courses are designed and developed by industry expert accountants.
  • Personal tutor support throughout your course.
  • After training support available to ensure you are not on your own.
  • We engage our students with a range of forward-thinking teaching and assessment methods.
  • We make sure our students are not alone throughout their accounting learning journey and we ensure the highest level of engagement with our students.
  • A technology driven accounting learning centre that focuses on the key accounting skills that add more value to businesses.
  • Online Enhanced Learning Resource with extra lessons and tests.
  • 24/7 assignment marking with instant results and feedback.

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