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About Us

Why Tax Care Academy?

Tax Care is a specialist training provider in accounting and payroll training courses.

All accounting and payroll courses are designed and developed by industry expert accountants.

Personal tutor support throughout your course.

After training support available to ensure you are not on your own.

We engage our students with a range of forward-thinking teaching and assessment methods.

We make sure our students are not alone throughout their accounting learning journey and we ensure the highest level of engagement with our students.

A technology driven accounting learning centre that focuses on the key accounting skills that add more value to businesses.

Online Enhanced Learning Resource with extra lessons and tests.

24/7 assignment marking with instant results and feedback.

Our Approach

Easy, simple and practical learning

Accessible from anywhere, from any device

Affordable online learning courses

Real-life and job scenario-based learning

Fully flexible structure

Experienced and qualified trainers

Career support and placement

Tax Care Academy guarantee

100% utilisation of your time and money

Money back guarantee

Industry expert trainers

Three simple steps towards success


Thorough training is the first step on the road to success. We at TaxCare Academy provide professionally crafted courses that give you the fundamentals of accounting and bookkeeping. Our training materials are designed to make sure you comprehend the core ideas and real-world applications, laying the groundwork for your future professional success.


Getting certified is the next step after finishing your training. Obtaining an acknowledged credential, such as the ones provided by the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) or the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB), attests to your proficiency and raises your stature in the industry. Our courses are meant to give you the best possible preparation for these certification tests, boosting your chances of passing.

Explore Your Professional Career

Now that you have your certification, you’re organised to look at one-of-a-kind professional options. You can work in the direction of a profitable career in accounting or bookkeeping by joining authentic corporations or enterprises that understand your abilities. As an opportunity, you may determine to begin your own organization and provide clients with bookkeeping and accounting offerings. With this stage, you may use your schooling and credentials to create a fulfilling professional route that fits your goals.

Our Mission is to Upskill Our Accountants

According to ONS, 1 in every 3 accounting graduates in the UK are ‘overqualified’ for their current job. This means we are not utilising 33% of our talents properly, resulting in a mismatch in human resource allocation and productivity.

In the accounting job market, there is a skill gap between an employer’s expectation and an employee’s capability. Our goal is to bridge this skill gap by offering industry-leading accounting training programmes.

Employers are willing to pay a commission to a recruitment agency to find the right candidate (normally 10%-20% of the annual salary of the candidate). However, there are thousands of qualified accountants who are desperate to get a job, but they cannot meet employer expectations. Tax Care Academy are helping accountants to break down barriers in the traditional job market, and upskilling accountants worldwide.

Bespoke Materials & Support Designed for Student Success

We offer study materials, lessons, activities, resources, and support procedures that are simple, affordable, and effective for the learners.

We have an unrivalled track record in helping students achieve key accounting employability skills quickly and smoothly. All of our study materials and lessons are designed and delivered by professional accountants.

Skilled Expert Staff Ready to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Every member of staff, from course advisers to tutors, are highly qualified specialists who have vast knowledge and experience.

Moreover, with an outstanding track record in helping students achieve their goals, Tax Care Academy is 100% geared to the success of its students.

Transform your financial management skills today with our comprehensive Xero and QuickBooks courses.

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